ferma servicios y proyectos internacionales

Since the birth of FERMA in 2010 we have developed different projects providing technical, commercial and managerial support to Spanish companies in international projects. The accumulated experience in the development of international projects allows us to be a fundamental support in their success.

We have divided the experience into the main sectors of our activity:


FERMA has collaborated with:



Commercial Advice

  • Technical-economic viability of projects
  • Way of approaching the project
  • Necessary business supports
  • Approach and development of proposals

Development and Project Management

  • Planning
  • Technological level required
  • Functional designs
  • Equipment
  • Exploitation and management
  • Project management
  • Restructuring of services and companies

Industrial Collaboration / Cooperation

  • Technological level and investment needs
  • Characteristics of the local industry
  • Technology transfer
  • Joint developments
  • Strategic and business plans