ferma servicios y proyectos internacionales

FERMA was born in 2010 with the purpose of serving as commercial, technical and managerial support to Spanish companies, in the development of projects in third countries, contributing the experience acquired in the development of international projects for more than 30 years. Most of them are projects that usually require heavy investment, significant financial support and long start-up periods. Knowledge of the Spanish technological level and capacity, as well as the reality of each country -development policy, technological level and capacity of the local industry- are of vital importance when focusing any proposal. FERMA's vocation is to achieve project development with its collaboration, balancing the expectations of the parties involved.

FERMA offers its experience in sectors in which Spain has a high technological level:

with the support of its knowledge of the national and international  market and the support of companies associated with FERMA abroad.

FERMA has collaborated with:



Commercial Tecnical Advice

i) Technical-economic viability of projects
ii) Technological level
iii) Equipment
iv) Approach to alternatives
v) Business and industrial support
vi) Focus and development of offers

Development and Project Management

vii) Planning. Stage Plan
viii) Functional Projects
ix) Supply and assembly logistics
x) Exploitation and Management

Industrial Collaboration / Cooperation

xi) Business Opportunities
xii) Industrial Developments
xiii) Technology transfer
xiv) Strategic and business plans